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Wellington Planning Zoning and Adjustment Board wants more assurances on equestrian development

Hearings on project set to start Sept. 12
Posted at 6:10 PM, Aug 22, 2023

WELLINGTON, Fla. — A proposed 600-acre development of new housing and expanded equestrian facilities in Wellington has now drawn concerns from the village's Planning, Zoning and Adjustment Board.

"There's a desire to see plans and commitments for the expanded showgrounds in advance of and before anything changes with the existing showground's location," village manager Jim Barnes said.

Planning officials are only making recommendations for the developers, Wellington Lifestyle Partners.

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The final say on the project will be with the village board in a series of hearings set to start Sept. 12.

"I think we're going to have a lot of interest from the public and also all the affected parties here," Barnes said.


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He expects at least three days of meetings next month.

The large development has sparked a lot of reaction in Wellington over concerns about crowding and traffic, while also focusing on the expansion of the village's identity as an equestrian center.

"The equestrian presence is something that is very important to the village," Barnes said.

The project reportedly has the backing of Tiger Woods and Justin Timberlake.