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Appeal for Westlake community in western Palm Beach County growing

Terrance Diaz and his wife, Veronica, now own their dream home in Sky Cove
Posted at 6:42 PM, Apr 05, 2023
and last updated 2023-04-05 19:52:33-04

PALM BEACH COUNTY, Fla. — Out in the Westlake community in western Palm Beach County, there were more buyers than land lots ready for building. The waiting lists for new builds are gone but the appeal of Westlake is growing.

More than 1,500 families are now living in the city of Westlake since construction began.

Last year, builders faced an accelerated pace and high demand for new homes. WPTV interviewed a couple that camped out overnight to secure a new construction in Westlake.

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About a year later, they just closed on their new home, a growing trend in this western Palm Beach County community.

At the height of demand for housing last year, Terrance Diaz and his wife, Veronica Nieto-Diaz, slept in their car outside of the Sky Cove sales center in Westlake to buy a land lot to construct their dream home.

For Nieto-Diaz, owning a home for her kids to live in is the ultimate American dream.

Mike Belmont 04052023.jpg
Minto Communities USA president Mike Belmont explains the growth in Westlake.

“I moved maybe like 12 times in my life," Nieto-Diaz. "That’s it, I don’t have to move anymore.”

“That’s what I want for her, for her and the kids. This is home. Just as simple as that. No more moving,” Diaz said.

Just like the excitement to live in a brand-new build in Westlake, a community the Diazs chose, because of its kid-friendly appeal.

The 3,800-acre community is equipped with a resort-style waterpark, an amenity for the families living in Westlake.

Although the waiting lists and overnight campouts for homes are gone, developers said, the interest in Westlake remains steady.

“We still remain very active given what’s happened with interest rates, we are actually 10% year over year ahead of sales for the Minto community,” Mike Belmont, Minto Communities USA president, said. “We’ve sold 75 so far this year, It was 67 a year ago.”

Terrance Diaz and his wife, Veronica Nieto-Diaz 04052023
Terrance Diaz and his wife, Veronica Nieto-Diaz share how they are so happy to own their dream home for their family.

Belmont said a new shopping plaza with a Publix will open soon.

Just last month, Christ Fellowship, the first church in the city, had its grand opening with more projects in the works.

“They want to make it where you can invest your time right here, you don’t have to leave,” Diaz said.

For Diaz, it was the family feel that had him making the move.

“We can spend time back there with the kids, set up a little swing set, you know, family stuff,” he said.

Owning a home in an up-and-coming city in Palm Beach County is all he’s ever wanted.

“Something beautiful for the family,” Diaz said.