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Free workshop helping Riviera Beach residents become first-time homebuyers

'Overwhelmed with joy, that's where I am right now,' Adrian Bedford says
Riviera Beach Homebuyers Club
Posted at 3:48 PM, Feb 18, 2022
and last updated 2022-02-18 17:24:26-05

RIVIERA BEACH, Fla. — New homes are popping up in Riviera Beach.

The city broke ground Friday and held a special ceremony for two first-time homebuyers. A city program is helping families build a new place to call home.

For Adrian Bedford, it's a long-time dream that's finally turned into a reality in the Monroe Heights neighborhood of Riviera Beach.

"Overwhelmed with joy, that's where I am right now," Bedford said.

Adrian Bedford, first-time homebuyer in Riviera Beach
Adrian Bedford shares her happiness about owning her first home.

The single mom of two is inching closer to the finish line of owning her own home and following in her mother's footsteps.

"She always instilled that you need to build a foundation for your children, so from a little girl I always wanted to make sure I secured a home that my children can call home," Bedford said.

A few blocks over, Tabbatha Durden and her family are also gearing up to get settled into their new home.

"It's been a lot of ups and downs, and it's been a lot of challenges, but I made it," Durden said.

Tabbatha Durden, first-time homebuyer in Riviera Beach
Tabbatha Durden discusses the struggles she endured to finally own her first home.

Both mothers are graduates of the city's free homebuyers club workshop.

It is a six-week education course that goes beyond the basics of buying a home and comes with access to resources and a funding-assistance program.

"We help them to set up a budget. We help them to set up a savings plan, and we tell them realistically what it will take to get from point A to point Z, which is successful homeownership," said Annetta Jenkins, the neighborhood services director at the Riviera Beach CRA.

Annetta Jenkins, neighborhood services director at the Riviera Beach CRA.
Annetta Jenkins explains what the city's first-time homebuyers program is working to achieve.

The program works with the county, nonprofits, banks and construction companies to help those in need live out the American dream.

The collaboration has helped build at least 15 new custom homes.

"I've been blessed, and if I'm able to give back and do something about it instead of being on the sidelines," said Ezra Saffold, president of the ASC Development Group. "I'm happy and the goal is to keep on building."

Ezra Saffold, President ASC Development Group
Ezra Saffold hopes the city can continue to offers homes to first-time homebuyers.

The goal is to keep on building.

"I'm looking forward to turning [those] keys and decorating," Durden said.

Both homes are set to be completed in July.