Goldendoodle becomes one of the Florida Panthers' biggest fans

'I think he was getting more attention than the players,' owner Cliff Brush says
Posted at 8:35 AM, Jun 30, 2024

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. — The Stanley Cup win by the Florida Panthers has showcased the players' skills and the South Florida community's ability to throw a memorable celebration. It's a testament to the region's collective spirit and enthusiasm.

This past week, we've seen fathers dressing up as musclemen and champions jumping into the ocean with the Stanley Cup.

Among the team's biggest fans include an adorable viral dog and his owner who have been celebrating the team's title in style.

In 2019, Cliff Brush created a friendship with his Goldendoodle named Brodie that would change their lives.



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"Brodie was born back in 2019," Brush said. "In 2020, I started making content with him. We like to do a lot of fun adventures and fun events."

The duo's excursions have helped them gain more than 15 million followers on social media.

However, there may not be a more memorable moment than when the pup attended a Panthers game.

"I think he was getting more attention than the players," Brush said. "Once they started the celebration, and we tried to make our way out, it was like all attention turned to Brodie."

During Monday's Game 7, Brodie captured America's hearts.


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The Goldendoodle sat in the front row, watching the action with his orange earmuffs.

"He was watching the action when they would slam into the glass," Brush said. "He would look over and get invested. Every time we would score, I would bounce Brodie up a little bit and shake his hands."

Brodie and Brush's special relationship has landed them on shows like "Good Morning America" and invitations to travel the country.

"We're best friends. He can be in any environment and be fine," Brush said. "He trusts me so much. We've built some really crazy memories over the last few years. (The Panthers Stanley Cup win) is definitely up there; it will be forever remembered."

The fun for the two doesn't stop, as the Panthers have invited them to Sunday's parade.

The duo will ride on the Celsius bus, so give them a wave.