Hispanics win city commissioner seats in municipal elections held in Palm Beach County

Candidates claim victory in Greenacres, Boynton Beach, Lake Clarke Shores
Posted at 12:26 PM, Mar 09, 2022
and last updated 2022-03-09 18:00:26-05

GREENACRES, Fla. — The shifting demographics had an impact on Tuesday's elections in Palm Beach County.

More than seven Hispanic candidates were running for office in municipal races, resulting in at least three wins by the candidates.

Susy Diaz Piesco narrowly defeated incumbent Jonathan Pearce in the race for Greenacres City Council District 4.

Diaz Piesco claimed 51% of the vote, defeating Pearce by just 46 votes.

Susy Diaz Piesco, new city council member in Greenacres
Susy Diaz Piesco narrowly defeated incumbent Jonathan Pearce in the race for Greenacres City Council District 4 during the March 8, 2022 election.

The population of Greenacres is currently 45% Hispanic, according to the 2020 Census.

"I think it's important when you have five council positions, and 45% of your community is made up of a certain demographic," Diaz Piesco said. "I think it's important to have somebody on the dais that ... looks like the community, that sounds like the community and that the community can build a relationship with."

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City leaders in Greenacres made a public push Friday for the community to vote in Tuesday's election.

Diaz Piesco, who is a Cuban American, wants to continue to support those who have been impacted by the pandemic.

"Our residents are still struggling as well, making sure they are aware of what programs exist, not just at our local level, but at our state and federal level, making sure they have access to the information," Diaz Piesco said.

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In Boynton Beach, Angela Cruz was elected as District 1 city commissioner.

Cruz claimed 62% of the vote, defeating Gregory Hartmann and Thomas Pomante.

Reinaldo Diaz, Lake Worth Beach city council candidate
Reinaldo Diaz will go against Craig Frost in a March 22 runoff.

And in Lake Clarke Shores, Robert Gonzalez overwhelmingly defeated Christina Daughtry for the seat of Town Council Group 4.

Gonzalez won 72% of the vote in the Lake Clarke Shores race.

In Lake Worth Beach, Reinaldo Diaz claimed 43% of the vote for District 4 city commissioner while Craig Frost garnered 35%.

That race is headed to a runoff, which will be held March 22.

"It was certainly a dynamic election. I am pleasantly surprised how it turned out, so we're looking forward to the next two weeks," Diaz said.

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