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Fiery fuel tanker crash in Delray Beach highlights safety concerns on Interstate 95

5 people injured in scary chain-reaction wreck
Posted at 5:23 PM, Oct 26, 2022
and last updated 2022-10-26 18:17:29-04

DELRAY BEACH, Fla. — A day after a terrifying fuel tanker crash on northbound Interstate 95 in Delray Beach, the damage from the fireball was still visible on the highway.

Drivers passing by could clearly see where the pavement was charred and the barrier separating the south and northbound lanes had pieces missing.

Florida Highway Patrol said five people were injured when a car veered out of its lane and hit the tanker, causing it to overturn.

Two people are hospitalized at Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami while another person remains in Delray Beach, but there is no update on their conditions.

The crash now has some drivers raising questions about their safety while on the interstate.

I-95 tanker fire video screenshot from Clara Geraci
Clara Geraci was driving on Interstate 95 in Delray Beach when she passed by a burning tanker truck that shut down the highway for hours.

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Even before Tuesday's crash, drivers were well aware of the hazards of driving on Interstate 95.

"It does feel like a race, like you're on the racetrack every day," said Bob McDonald, who owns a roofing company and drives a lot.

He and many others were aware of the scary crash that occurred Tuesday near the Atlantic Avenue exit.

The damage to the road and barrier wall was still very visible Wednesday. The scary crash is not making drivers feel any better about the highway.

"[It is] very crazy on I-95," another driver said. "The best thing to do is to stay off of it."

Bob McDonald discusses driving on Interstate 95
Bob McDonald shares his thoughts on the dangers of driving on Interstate 95 in Palm Beach County.

"I have a friend who was shot on Boynton Beach Boulevard, road rage all of sudden," McDonald said. "They stopped. I guy cut him off, got out in front of him. He got out of his car like, 'What's your problem?' Guy shot him."

Drivers who saw the wreck and the billowing black smoke from Tuesday's crash said driving I-95 these days is a challenge.

"I was actually hit by an 18-wheeler in 2019. I was going to the airport," driver Tammy Cox said.

Jim Choban, a driving instructor at the Safety Council of Palm Beach County, said there are more vehicles on the road year-round in South Florida. He said people are driving faster, looking at their cellphones, and there's also road rage.

Jim Choban, driving expert at the Traffic Safety Council of Palm Beach County
Jim Choban (right) speaks to WPTV reporter Matt Sczesny (left) about what drivers can do in an effort to avoid crashes.

"Just pay attention more, stay with the flow of traffic," Choban said. "[Drivers should] have ... at least a two-second following distance behind vehicles."

WPTV made a couple of passes where the crash occurred Tuesday, and traffic actually seemed to be moving slower than usual through that area.

Florida Highway Patrol spokeswoman Lt. Indiana Miranda said the driver who caused the crash will be cited.

Delray Beach Fire Rescue tweeted Wednesday that about 75 firefighters from three agencies fought the blaze that occurred after the crash.