Who's hiring? 'In response to what we're currently going through' jobs grow

There’s a lot of focus on who's hiring in South Florida
Posted at 9:49 PM, May 07, 2020
and last updated 2020-05-08 07:13:58-04

PALM BEACH COUNTY, Fla. — There's a lot of focus on who's hiring in South Florida. Depending on the industry, some experts say 50 to 75% of workers may need to reconsider a new career field.

In east Port St. Lucie, swell repair technicians with Aquatic Vegetation Control have more than 480 miles of canals to cover. It's an important job that covers a lot of territory.

"Without us, you would have plant overgrowth, the canals wouldn’t flow properly and there would be a lot of flooding," said Cody Barton, Aquatic Vegetation Control, Inc. Port St. Lucie site manager.

Career experts said jobs like Barton's are both in demand and "COVID-proof."

"Any industry that is going to sustain us in this COVID-19 environment," said Tracey McMorris, CareerSource Research Coast vice president of operations and COO. "Anything construction-related, maintenance-related. These things are kind of COVID-proof. Distribution and logistics is also huge."

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"Even in times of recession -- in times of anything -- plants are constantly growing," added Barton. "It's sunny. Hot. Things are growing and we need to take care of them."

Aquatic Vegetation Control needs to hire five to 10 people immediately. No experience necessary.

Meanwhile, in West Palm Beach and Delray Beach, there's more armed security needed on the streets.

"We're able to work hand and hand with the police departments and we free them up in this time to handle major business while we’re taking care of the minor stuff," said Willie Perez, Professional Security Consultants regional manager.

As many businesses and properties remain empty or not at capacity, Perez said the number of armed guards will only increase.

"We respond to theft, burglary, loitering and prowling and aggressive panhandling," he said.

PSC needs 25 new security guards immediately. Experts call the immediate need an "in response to what we are going through" category of jobs. McMorris said any industry and business that will "sustain" people in the current pandemic environment is going to need more workers.

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"With every disaster, there's opportunity, even for the industries that are in decline, there's also an opportunity for them to adapt," McMorris said.

"I go above and beyond my duty," said Mindy Orloff, a recently hired PSC security officer. "If you're willing to show up and be on time and give your all then you'll find a place somewhere."

CareerSource Research Coast says there are apprenticeship programs available to help transitioning workers navigate new territories. Virtual job fairs are also in the works. To learn more visit, click here.

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