Rapper Kitty Lundan and sons receive diplomas as 2021 graduates

'It feels pretty surreal seeing all of us in our graduation suits already,' said Lundan
Rapper Kitty Lundan and sons graduate.PNG
Posted at 5:01 PM, Jun 16, 2021
and last updated 2021-06-16 17:49:38-04

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. — A local rapper whose song became an international single mother’s cry following the death of George Floyd has something to celebrate this semester — graduation.

But turning the tassel is a family affair and there’s another message for all single moms today.

One year ago Kitty Lundan’s “Now I Can’t Breathe” video struck a chord with single mothers at the same time as the global pandemic.

”The world stopped and we didn’t have a choice but to look at what was going on in America,” said Lundan, a rapper, talk show host, and philanthropist.

An international outcry that features Lundan’s two sons and mom that’s packed with subliminal messaging.

”You hear about diversity, inclusion — equity. You didn’t hear about all of those things before,” she said.

But Lundan was ahead of the change. Since 2018, she’s hosted The People of Power Show with Kitty Lundan, a platform that challenges the status quo featuring entrepreneurs, movers and shakers and CEOs. The show also goes deep. A June 2020 episode featured an attorney offering to work pro bono representing peaceful protestors wrongfully arrested.

”Sometimes marches just don’t do it. We got to hit pockets,” Lundan said. “We have to make people realize our dollars matter.”

Yes, Lundan has a knack for shaking structural systems — but something was missing. And it’s not another music video. Instead, Lundan is planning for her and her children’s future as 2021 graduates.

Rapper Kitty Lundan and sons graduate.PNG

”Academics through a pandemic. That’s what kept all of us going,” Lundan said.

Lundan completed her bachelor’s degree in mass communication and journalism; her oldest son Chad graduated with a college degree in supervision and management and her youngest son Kobe graduates in the top 10 percent from Palm Beach Lakes High School.

”I’m hoping to do great things in the future and I hope I can keep this up,” Kobe said.

”It feels pretty surreal seeing all of us in our graduation suits already — we’re all growing up,” added Chad.

And they collectively have a message for all families forced to reset.

”Weed everything around that's not helping you grow. And you can do it. But you have to know that in you that you have that fire,” Kitty said.