Parents, educators react to critical race theory being banned in K-12 schools

'We have to do history that is factual,' said Gov. DeSantis
Posted at 11:06 PM, Jun 10, 2021
and last updated 2021-06-11 00:31:52-04

PORT ST LUCIE, FL — It's a decision that has some parents up in arms.

The concept of "Critical Race Theory" has been at the center of race discussions in recent weeks.

On Thursday, Governor Ron DeSantis spoke before the Florida Board Of Education before it made its decision.

"We have to do history that is factual," said Gov. DeSantis.

Thursday's ban prevents Critical Race Theory from being part of K-12 history curriculums.

"That is the most critical time as far as their learning development," said Robert Ross, a parent. "I'm a person that really feels like you should show it how it is, and don't sugarcoat anything."

"It's not looking at their work ethic," said Jennifer Showalter, another parent. "It's not developing personal accountability."

Educators worry the decision could discourage analytical discussions at school.

"I think the law basically says that you have to teach American History in a way that portrays America as a country that was built by people with a common vision and enshrined in the Constitution," said David Freeland, President at Education Association of St. Lucie. "It's a very, very, narrow view of what America is all about."

Across the Treasure Coast, school district leaders said they will continue to follow state standards.

Martin County School District officials said they will follow state standards and added, "We encourage civic discourse, respect for differing opinions, and celebration of each person's unique identity and background."

St. Lucie Public Schools officials said they will also continue to follow state standards and teach the required curriculum.