Martin County School District wants to install kiosks loaded with tourniquets, quick clot on school campuses

'Every school should get it,' parent says
Posted at 10:19 PM, Oct 27, 2021
and last updated 2021-10-28 00:03:39-04

STUART, Fla. — The Martin County School District could soon implement a new kind of kiosk on school campuses aimed at improving school safety.

Inside are belts for first responders in times of crisis.

Each one contains kits with enough tourniquets, quick clots, and bandages to save 10 people.

"Every school should get it, every school," said elementary school parent Cecily Zayas. "Doesn't matter what age group, what age division."

The district has been offered to pilot the program manufactured by CRM Safety Solutions out of New Jersey at no charge.

The district's safety and security director, Frank Frangella, said he will present the program to the board at the next board meeting.

"If we have a lot of people that are injured, we won't necessarily have enough equipment with the fire-rescue truck," said Frangella. "So what this does is that it bridges a gap. It gives us a little more."

"I know some people are like, 'Oh, you know, it makes it feel unsafe.' It's just about having that extra safety for our students," said Zayas.

The kiosks would be located at the front of each of the 26 campuses in the district.

District leaders said advertisements and school information for families can also be posted on either of the two screens of the kiosk.

"It's as simple as just taking it right out of the pack, and one of these packs could treat two students or two people," said Frangella.

Frangella said, if approved, the kiosks could start showing up on campuses as early as the end of the school year.