Jensen Beach High School seniors continue tradition painting school parking spots

Tradition started in 2019
Posted at 9:47 PM, Aug 12, 2021
and last updated 2021-08-12 22:36:27-04

JENSEN BEACH, Fla. — Jensen Beach High School seniors are creating memories they'll remember long after they finish school.

Each senior who purchases a parking spot is able to paint it in any way in which they choose.

Parking space 1.PNG

"It doesn't really have a meaning behind it. I just thought it was a really cool design and then I decided to add my initials just for some personalization," said senior Angelina Arguelles.

The tradition that started in 2019 is unique in Martin County to the Falcons.

"It's really cool to say that we kind of have this as our own little tradition and just bragging rights, always good for school spirit," said Arguelles.

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In 2020, the school spirit suffered when many seniors were learning from home during the pandemic.

The school's principal, Lori Vogel, said not as many spots were purchased.

This year, she said the class is looking to rebound.

"They're very spirited. You can tell from the spots and all the paintings that's already taken place in just the first two days of school," said Vogel.

parking space 3.PNG

While some spots are filled with funny pictures or quotes, others are meant to serve as inspiration.

parking space 5.PNG

"This is just something in my family, a tradition, and I want to go serve my country," said Stephen Strom, a senior who painted a soldier. "Hopefully, I can go to West Point and then give back to the country where I live."

"I think it's really important to them and they're really proud of it," said Vogel. "It's something they'll take with them. This is a memory from their senior year they got to do."