Palm Tran rolls out 'Ride with Pride,' hiring range of positions

Bus will operate along Palm Tran's busiest route
Posted at 10:15 AM, Jun 09, 2021
and last updated 2021-06-09 12:43:57-04

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. — More companies in the area are attracting employees by promoting corporate social responsibility from health and safety to human rights and the environment. This month LGBTQ rights and advocacy receives more visible attention.

Andrew Tilley has driven for Palm Tran for five years and he's committed to a public system that’s committed to him being out and proud.

"I am an out and proud gay man who is married eight years now and enjoying being in may community and recognizing my community," said Tilley. "We need more of that in today's society, so it's very important to have your company behind you."

Tilley is referencing Palm Tran's rollout of the new "Ride with Pride" bus he drives unveiled at the Palm Beach Pride Market on June 5 in Lake Worth Beach.

The bus features the Progress Pride Flag, which is more inclusive of people of color, trans and nonbinary individuals. It's the first-time the public transit system has featured the flag and recognized Pride.

"I think it's awesome. I'm out and proud and we need to normalize this because people are people and love is love," said Palm Beach County resident Irene Murphy.

Palm Tran marketing manager Farron Hipp said the bus will be on Route 1 -- the public transit bus system's busiest route.

"It's important because transit is an equalizer. Pride is about equality, so we have to be able to move people and show people we're part of the community that we're taking you to," Hipp said. "It's going to stop at all the places where people are going to say, 'Hey, that's Palm Tran. They're for me. I like that.'"

The system is hiring bus operators, paint and body specialists, utility workers and senior staff -- to name a few.

"We are excited about bringing more people onboard," Hipp said. "Our mission at Palm Tran is to provide access to opportunity for everyone safely, efficiently and courteously, and we want to make sure we're doing that with the right folks with us."

Want to help people "Ride with Pride?" Learn more about the opportunities with Palm Tran by clicking here.