Home health care worker shortage prompts company to offer perks, bonuses

Posted at 7:40 AM, Jul 20, 2021

PALM BEACH COUNTY, Fla. — The workforce shortage is starting to take its toll on the home health care industry in South Florida and local providers are worried many seniors could soon be left to fend for themselves.

Senior Helpers is a local in-home health care company with offices throughout Palm Beach County and the Treasure Coast.

Administrators say finding good help has always a been challenge, but the pandemic has only made matters worse.

Since the pandemic, that pipeline has really shortened significantly to the point where maybe we're getting two to five on a good week, coming through applying and getting through the whole process to the point where we can employ them and send them to homes and service," said Chief Operating Officer, Ron Radcliffe

He explained that there are several reasons for the shortage and most stem from the pandemic.

"One of the biggest factors is many of our staff members did benefit from some of the governmental subsidies and programs to help people get through the pandemic and many of them did not feel comfortable working during the pandemic. Rightfully so many of our caregivers have young children or they're caring for other members of the family, and they wanted to protect everybody," said Radcliffe.

To meet the needs of families, the company is looking to fill about 100 home health aide positions. The job comes with health care benefits, a retirement plan and incentives.

"So we're doing a sign on bonuses, we're doing referral bonuses. So it's a $200 sign on bonus for home health aides and certified nursing assistants. Even with our existing staff, if they refer a friend or know somebody that would be a good fit with our company, we're offering each of them $200. $200 to the one who refers them and 200 to the new employee, in essence, that would come on board and join our team."

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