Auto sales amid COVID-19 beat 2019 sales numbers; new workers needed

'We sold more cars this year than we did in 2019,' Ed Morse CEO says
Posted at 4:55 PM, Dec 21, 2020
and last updated 2020-12-21 18:47:35-05

DELRAY BEACH, Fla. — As more people avoid public transportation and carpools vehicle sales are increasing. In fact, one automotive group said sales during 2020 amid COVID-19 have beaten 2019 sales numbers and the demand is creating news jobs.

Bania Arboleda is a first-year medical student at Nova Southeastern University who drove from Fort Lauderdale to Ed Morse Delray Toyota and wasn’t leaving empty-handed.

”I’m a med student and I need to get to certain places for my volunteer hours — and I need a dependable car to get there,” Arboleda said.

She’s not alone, a survey from McKinsey and Company reports a third of consumers value private vehicles more than before the pandemic. Especially among younger drivers like Arboleda. Additionally, purchase intent has increased. Particularly among those with higher-incomes.

Within The Ed Morse Automotive Group, with 20 locations in Texas, Oklahoma and South Florida the increase is being felt in terms of both sales and service.

”It's been like this since May 1. We’ve been non-stop every day,” said Marc Berger, Ed Morse Delray Toyota service advisor. “Service is the bread and butter of the dealership. We keep everything flowing. They sell the cars — each customer gets the first five services complimentary.”

There’s even a spike in online inquiries. Joel Tejada, Ed Morse Delray Toyota internet sales manager says 88-percent of customers actually start on the automotive group’s website before they arrive.

”They’re doing their research. They’re looking for information and there’s ways you can start buying cars online,” said Tejada. “We’re actually doing online shopping where they do the whole delivery through our online service.”

Teddy Morse, chairman, and CEO of Ed Morse Automotive Group says the demand creates both job stability and more positions.

“We sold more cars this year than we did in 2019 and I think that has to do with people staying at home,” Morse said. “People not wanting to take public transportation now because of fears about COVID-19 — wanting to drive in their cars. People not flying anywhere for vacations. So people are choosing places to go that they can drive to.”

Currently, the Delray location has 14 positions they’re looking to fill to include sales, management, technicians, service advisors, parts, cashiers and receptionists.

Morse calls it a growing team leaving customers feeling safe and satisfied.

”I love this,” Arboleda said.

Morse also predicts the number of people moving to Florida is likely behind the continued rebound to the local industry. If you’d like to be a part of it, click here.