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Port St. Lucie residents relieved trash is finally being picked up

Residents will receive $36 credit on next month's waste bill
Posted at 4:53 PM, Sep 06, 2022
and last updated 2022-09-06 19:50:23-04

PORT ST. LUCIE, Fla. — Port St. Lucie has a new trash provider, but some old problems remain. City leaders said because of the enormous amount of waste left behind by the old hauler, it's already having to play catch up.

As FCC Environmental Services made its first rounds through Rory Montello and Amber Hiner’s Port St. Lucie neighborhood, there is hope, even as residents were unclear as to which truck was picking up what.

“As confusing as it is, I know they’re just doing what they got to do,” said Montello.

FCC officially came on the job Monday. Port St. Lucie City Manager Russ Blackburn said they’re dealing with a three week backlog, and finished Monday’s pickups on Tuesday.

Rory Montello.png
Rory Montello is relieved trash in his neighborhood is finally getting picked up.

“It’s taking them a little bit longer to pick up their route but they’re making good progress on it,” said Blackburn.

The goal is to have all the trash picked up by Saturday.

Jason Dorsett was pleased to finally see a trash truck, hoping it brings to an end all the maggots and flies he’s been contending with and had this question.

“Are we going to get our money back?” he said.

Russ Blackburn 09062022.jpg
Port St. Lucie City Manager Russ Blackburn said all the trash will be picked up even if it takes more than one day.

The city manager said due to poor service from the previous provider, Waste Pro, residents are getting a $36 credit. That’s about six weeks worth of service. The credit will be on their new waste bills that take effect next month.

Residents are hoping that now once a week trash pickup, and once a month bulk waste, is enough for a continuously growing city.

“If you have a water heater or something like that, it’s going to sit out there for a month,” said Montello.

Amber Hiner 09062022.png
Amber Hiner hopes once a month bulk waste will be sufficient.

“Kids play outside and they pick up other people's trash, because it’s been out there so long and they say, ‘Look at this chair I found,'” said Hiner.

The city is reminding residents to separate trash and recycling, and separate cans by 3-feet out on the curb so the side loader can do its job.

“We are going to get all the trash. If we’re a day late, it’s because of volume, it won’t be because of effort,” said Blackburn.

If you have any questions about trash pickup, you can go to the city’s website or call the Port St. Lucie hotline at 772-871-1775.