Fishing supplies, outdoor recreation equipment, museum visits will be tax-free in Florida in July

Savings extend to items like goggles, snorkels, coolers, flashlights, bicycles
A kayaker battles the surf while paddling at Jupiter Beach Park, Tuesday, March 17, 2020, in Jupiter, Fla.
Posted at 3:33 PM, Apr 30, 2024

TAMPA, Fla. — Florida residents will once again be able to save money when they purchase various outdoor items during July. Also, the savings will extend to live music, sports and other events.

Gov. Ron DeSantis announced what he is calling the "Freedom Month Sales Tax Holiday" during a news conference held Tuesday in Tampa.

Purchases of such items as fishing supplies, outdoor recreation equipment and admissions to state parks and museums will be tax-free from July 1-31.

"Florida is a great summer state, great beach weather," DeSantis said. "We set a record last year for summer tourism. We had 35 million people come just in the summer to the state of Florida."

The tax holiday will remove the sales tax on items including the following:

Boating and water activity supplies:

  • Goggles and snorkels ($25 or less) 
  • Pool toys ($35 or less)
  • Coolers, life jackets, paddles ($75 or less)
  • Inflatable water tubes and floats, wakeboards ($150 or less)
  • Paddleboards, surfboards ($300 or less) 
  • Canoes, kayaks ($500 or less)

Fishing Supplies:

  • Bait and tackle ($5 or less for individual items, $10 or less for multiple items sold together) 
  • Tackle boxes ($30 or less) 
  • Reels, Rods ($75 or less)

Camping Supplies:

  • Flashlights ($30 or less) 
  • Sleeping bags, camping chairs ($50 or less)
  • Tents ($200 or less)

Outdoor Supplies:

  • Sunscreen ($15 or less)
  • Water bottles ($30 or less)
  • Bicycle helmets ($50 or less)
  • Outdoor grills ($250 or less)
  • Bicycles ($500 or less)

Admissions to events or performances scheduled to be held between July 1, 2024, and Dec. 31, 2024:

  • Live music events
  • Live sporting events
  • Movies to be shown in a movie theater
  • Ballets
  • Plays
  • Fairs
  • Festivals

Admissions purchased for any of the following:

  • Museums, including annual passes
  • State parks, including annual passes
  • Season tickets for ballets, plays, music events, and musical theater performances

Earlier in the day in Naples, DeSantis announced that entry fees are being suspended for those who visit Florida state parks during Memorial Day weekend.