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St. Lucie County officials urge residents to get ready for Hurricane Isaias

'We just have to be ready,' county administrator says
Posted at 3:53 PM, Jul 31, 2020
and last updated 2020-07-31 23:22:10-04

FORT PIERCE, Fla. — With Hurricane Isaias approaching, the message on the Treasure Coast is to be prepared.

"We just got a case of water, just in case," said Fort Pierce resident Karina Livingston. "We checked our supplies. We already had everything."


Livingston said some of the aisles inside a Publix grocery store in Fort Pierce were cleared out ahead of Isaias.

"The water was down," said Livingston. "The drinks aisle was down. Some of the aisles were empty."

Karina Livingston
Karina Livingston was at a Publix in Fort Pierce on July 31, 2020, to prepare of Hurricanes Isaias.

On Friday, St. Lucie County officials urged residents to take the necessary precautions and stay home during the storm.

"Have plenty of batteries including batteries or chargers for your cellphone," said St. Lucie County Administrator Howard Tipton. "This can still move east or west. We've seen that happen with Matthew and Irma, so we just have to be ready."

Tipton said the county does not have any plans to open a shelter unless Isaias strengthens and that residents should absolutely stay away from the beaches.

"I understand the beaches can be an attraction, but please, please do not go down to the beaches and please do not get into the water," said Tipton. "With waves that are going to be pounding, you can be swept away within the blink of an eye and they are unguarded beaches at this time."

Tipton also reminded residents to tie down any loose patio furniture and to not leave any debris in the yard.

He said just because a hurricane is approaching St. Lucie County, it does not mean the current mask ordinance is not in effect.

Tipton advised residents planning to travel to family member or friend's house to stay socially distanced inside the home.


The storm is forecast to move near or over the northwestern Bahamas Saturday and near the east coast of Florida Saturday afternoon through Sunday.

Gov. Ron DeSantis declared a state of emergency Friday for every county on Florida's east coast from Miami-Dade to Nassau County.