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Alyssa Torres: Port St. Lucie woman sentenced to 3 life sentences for killing daughter, stepfather, injuring mother

'I don't hate my daughter Alyssa. I still love her and miss her dearly,' mother says
Posted at 7:14 PM, Dec 04, 2020

FORT PIERCE, Fla. — A Port St. Lucie mother accused of shooting and killing her 8-year-old daughter and her stepfather, and trying to kill her mother, will spend the rest of her life in prison.

Alyssa Torres, 30, was in court Friday and changed her not-guilty plea to a plea of no contest.

The state was planning to pursue the death penalty for Torres if the case went to trial. Torres agreed to change her plea and accept a sentence of three life terms in prison without going to trial.

During the summer of 2019, Torres was arrested after police said she killed her stepfather, Felix Rivera, while he was sleeping in his bed.

Torres' mother, Marisol Rivera, woke up and raced to get away from Torres. Torres is accused of attacking her mother, but Marisol was able to escape.

Then, investigators said, Torres searched for her daughter, Amarilyss Martinez, who was hiding in the guest room. Torres is accused of shooting her in the head, killing her.

Marisol Rivera spoke to the judge Friday during the sentencing.

"I don't hate my daughter Alyssa," Marisol Rivera said. "I still love her and miss her dearly."

She said that her daughter's mental health had been a concern.

"Every time we tried to get her help, we were blocked by the system that was supposed to get her help," Marisol Rivera said. "Because she was an adult, they were more concerned with not violating her rights. What about our rights, your honor? We have the right to be safe in our home."

Marisol Rivera spoke lovingly about her granddaughter, nicknamed "Peanut."

"She loved her makeup, her dresses, gymnastics and just watching YouTube," Marisol Rivera said. "I kept thinking about how she will no longer have any more first days of school, no more birthdays, no more Christmas, and I won't see her fall in love and get married."

She also talked about the void left behind in her life by the death of her husband.

"I will forever miss my true love, my soulmate," she said.

Marisol Rivera also explained her hopes for her daughter's new future.

"The only thing I wish for her is that she stays safe and gets the help she needs," she said.