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Top five hacks for selling your house quickly

Posted at 6:04 AM, Apr 10, 2019
and last updated 2019-04-10 10:14:17-04

April is a popular month to sell your house, and there is a reason for that. You've heard of a variety of tricks and tips, like people burying a statue of St. Joseph in the yard, in an effort to sell your house faster.

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Danielle Lawler, a real estate agent with Illustrated Properties, said there are tried-and-true ways to sell a home.

1. First, start with the month.

"April, May that is when you will see the most traffic," said Lawler. "We have longer days, warmer temperatures, and if you are talking about families, they are transitioning from school year to school year."

2. Be strategic in the day of the week you list.

Lawler said if you list a property on a Thursday, it will typically sell a lot faster.

If you put it out there at the beginning of the week, it might get lost. If the house is listed ahead of the weekend, people are more likely to put it on their list to see.

3. Exterior color of the house

Lawler said the color of the exterior of your house matters as well. She said yellow used to be the "it" color, but that no longer holds true.

"In 2019, the color is 'greige,' so a combination of gray and beige."

In general, Lawler believes it will generate $3,500 more in terms of a higher sales price.

4. What numbers should I use in the list price?

It seems there is still some debate over what numbers to use in your listing. Lawler pointed to some real estate agents believing in the "theories of 4s and 7s."

"I believe many people think they are getting a deal if they see that nine in the number rather than rounding up to the next whole number," she said.

5. First offer is your best offer

What's the most important tip of all?

"The old tale that your first offer is your best offer," said Lawler..

Nowadays, as soon as something hits the market, buyers see the properties, due to systems like MLS. So, why do people turn down a great offer?

"It's human nature when everything is going right to not accept it," said Lawler.

Happy selling!

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