Victims' names released in suspected Martin County murder/suicide

Posted at 2:02 PM, Nov 07, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-08 12:33:08-05

Detectives in Martin County are investigating a suspected murder-suicide after a man and woman were found shot Monday in a residential neighborhood on Fleming Way.

Deputies said the woman was likely the murder victim. 

On Tuesday, the sheriff's office identified the woman as 56-year-old Kimberly Gray and the man as 63-year-old Howard Terflinger. 

Investigators said some co-workers of a Gray, who lives in a home in the 1100 block of SE Fleming Way, went to the residence Monday afternoon. They were concerned for her safety because she had not shown up for work.

They looked in through the window, and saw her lying on a recliner.

“There’s no sign of forced entry into the house.  No other crime committed in the house.  So we don’t feel there’s any danger or emergency to residents in this neighborhood,” said Martin County Sheriff William Snyder.

The sheriff adds there is not an active search for a gunman.

Neighbors say the woman lived in the house with a boyfriend. One woman, Kristina Hester, says she used to see the couple walking the woman's dogs daily.

Over the last several months, she says that changed. Hester described the Gray as more reserved than usual, and rarely with her boyfriend.

"They were just so sweet. We just enjoyed them as neighbors," Hester said.

Dozens of neighbors waited in their front yards for more information from detectives. 

“It was shocking and very concerning, because it could have happened anywhere. But, it happened two doors down from me. So crazy.”

Friends of the woman took two dogs from the home Monday. Animal Control was also on scene to assist with moving a pet bird to a safer place.