Seven people arrested in attempted dirt bike burglary at WMR Competition Performance

Store targeted nearly every Christmas
Posted at 11:37 PM, Dec 27, 2016

Martin County deputies arrested seven people who they say were attempting to steal some expensive dirt bikes and motorcycles from WMR Competition Performance.

The men and one teen were caught on store surveillance video.

Store manager, Chance Rajkowski, says their store is targeted nearly every Christmas, like clockwork.

“We prepare for it. We know it’s coming,” Rajkowski said. They chained down their bikes, and watched their surveillance camera footage from their homes on an iPad.

After at least five 'Christmas-time' break-ins, preparing for the thieves to show up is a mastered routine.

Over the years, they've installed store front barriers to keep loading trucks from pulling in, they've installed hurricane impact glass and high-end security cameras.

Over the years, they've lost roughly $100,000 in damage and stolen merchandise.

This year, thieves finally got caught.

“We tell the Martin County Sheriff’s Department, you know, stay on watch, they’re probably coming. Sure enough, they do.”

The owner's wife said she watched the thieves pull up in a U-haul from her iPad and she called police.

They seemed inexperienced, and initially couldn't get inside the store.

“They couldn’t get through the first time. So, they got a sledge hammer, finally cracked the glass after about 12-13 hits,” Rajkowski said.

Once they got inside, they found the bikes were tied down. They knocked some of them over, but were not able to get any onto their truck.

They left empty handed.

Shortly after, deputies pulled them over and arrested Henry Polk, Tyrese Grace, Darien Davis, Exzavious Willis, Jerome Williams, Terrell Willis, and a juvenile. They are from Miami and facing burglary related charges, and a charge for comitting and out-of-county crime.

“There’s only so much we can do. We can’t put a moat around the dealership or a brick wall.”

Rajkowski hopes these arrests are the final tool they will need to deter future crimes.