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Investigators reflect on Tricia Todd case

Posted at 5:21 PM, Apr 26, 2017
and last updated 2017-04-26 21:13:47-04

For Martin County Sheriff William Snyder, every crime is personal. the Tricia Todd case especially.

“I knew the family.  My children knew Tricia.  They went to school with her," said Sheriff Snyder Wednesday.

Detectives focused their attention on one man, Todd’s ex-husband.

“Every time we dug deeper, we’d find more reasons it could have been Stephen Williams," said Detective Mike Dougherty.

After going through hours of video, a turning point came when they found Williams walking along US 1 in Hobe Sound, contradicting where he said he was the night of Tricia’s disappearance.

“He was remorseful and sad but not because of what he did to Tricia.  He was upset because he got caught," said Detective Dougherty.

Detective Yesenia Carde was with Williams when he led detectives to where he had disposed of her dismembered body.

“He had done his research as to which parks were in the area that he could have dumped her in," said Detective Carde.

Detectives say Williams thought he could fool everyone.  He had even donated money to the search teams looking for Tricia.

"A combination of emotions. Heartbroken, angry.  Relieved to find her body to give it back to the family but there was such an anger towards him," added Detective Carde.

Investigators say a year later, Tricia Todd is always in their thoughts.  They keep a picture of her in their office so she’s not forgotten.

The Tricia Todd story gained national attention.  The Oxygen Cable Network was in Martin County recently to shoot a report on the case that will air later this year.