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Palm Beach County Animal Care and Control cannot accept A/C units

Palm Beach County Animal Care and Control cannot accept A/C units
Palm Beach County Animal Care and Control cannot accept A/C units
Posted at 5:34 PM, Aug 08, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-08 18:14:21-04

Everyone is asking what they can do to help dogs sitting in hot kennels at Palm Beach County Animal Care and Control (ACC). The Director of ACC, Dianne Sauve said the shelter cannot accept portable A/C units or window A/C units because the shelter electric load is at capacity. 

Adding anything to the electric panel or making any upgrades to the electric panel has to go through the county Facilities department, according to Sauve. 

"We're concerned because we're animal lovers and we wanted to do whatever we could to step in and help in any way," said Rafael Simon, owner of Simon Electric LLC.  

Simon and his wife saw the videos of dogs in hot cages, panting, and the only thing providing them some relief are oscillating fans inside the kennels at ACC.  

"We're definitely willing to do whatever we can possibly do and that would be to donate man hours," said Simon.

Simon heard the shelter can't accept portable A/C units or window units because the Director says the shelter's electric load is at capacity. He owns an electric company and is willing to donate the manpower and/or materials needed. He welcomes any dialogue with ACC on where he can provide assistance. 

"Those dogs have just as much value as mine so why wouldn't we treat them as our own pets," he said. 

Simon has two pets, one is a rescue. ACC is a county building and any renovations or changes to the electrical panel have to be overseen and conducted by the county facilities department.

Simon said he hopes the county will take advantage of those who want to help for free if it means quicker results. 

 "Society can be judged by the animals in their society and how people treat them," added Simon.  

Sauve said in an email that until the Facilities finishes its review of additional fans added to the kennels she does not plan to order them. The department is not sure if there is enough capacity in the current electrical system to run the industrial fans.   

On social media, ACC reminds people that cooling mats are on the shelter's wish list and that anyone who wishes to help an also foster an animal, adopt, or even volunteer at the shelter.