Brightline trains set to launch this week, still no answers on pricing or train schedules

PALM BEACH COUNTY, Fla. - Brightline's shiny new high-speed passenger trains have been running up and down the tracks to Fort Lauderdale, but up to this point the trains are running empty. 

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Service is set to launch this week, but Brightline is leaving out some key information. 

"They need to tell everyone what's going on," said Larry Kaplan of Boynton Beach.

What times will the trains run? How much is a roundtrip ride to Fort Lauderdale or Miami? 

"We have jobs down there and it might make sense to go down there if we have a faster way, it's a hell of a lot better than driving," said Patrick Mayfield, an architect in West Palm Beach. 

Mayfield said the quick train ride to Fort Lauderdale to see clients would be worth it, for the right price.

"I'm curious, I think, you know, if they can make it competitive with the Tri-Rail, but faster, I think it would be worth taking it," said Mayfield. 

Brightline did answer one question. Where can customers park in West Palm Beach? The answer; part of the Park-Line building's garage will be for Brightline guests.  It has 600 spaces. Half will be for residents of Park-Line, half for Brightline riders.

The excitement for the launch of the train is there.

"I think it's fabulous," said Sue Ellen Kaplan.

But passengers want to know more.

"Don't keep it a secret.  I think it will turn people off if they don’t right away tell them what they’re planning and what it costs," said Larry Kaplan.

A spokesperson said the company plans to announce the start date before it launches. We tried to talk to city and county officials about why they're allowing Brightline to remain tight-lipped.

Many county officials are in Tallahassee this week. The city of West Palm Beach declined an interview. 

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