Sen. Marco Rubio shares thoughts on Florida elections, Trump, vaccine mandates, Cuba

'I don't think mandates work. I think they're actually counterproductive," Rubio says
Posted at 1:23 PM, Dec 01, 2021

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. — Sen. Marco Rubio spoke with WPTV on Wednesday on a range of topics including Gov. Ron DeSantis' decision to restrict federal vaccine mandate rules.

"I don't think mandates work. I think they're actually counterproductive, and I believe they’re unconstitutional," Rubio said.

The senator said the job of the government is to make sure the vaccines are safe and easily available, but he believes people's jobs should not be in danger if they don't get the shot.

Speaking on the recent protests in Cuba, Rubio said the demonstrations have "done nothing" to help the people on the island.

Sen. Marco Rubio shares thoughts on Florida elections, vaccine mandates, Cuba, Colombia

He said the best thing the Biden administration has done on Cuba is not to change the policies put in place when former President Donald Trump was in office.

"What I would like to see them do more is A, pressure other countries in the European Union, in the Western Hemisphere to take a stronger line on Cuba," Rubio said. "No. 2, to continue to find ways to provide unfettered internet access, not 24 hours a day, seven days a week, but at key moments like last November when people were going to march in the streets."

The senator believes a recent decision by Nicaragua to allow Cubans to travel there without a visa is an "invitation for mass migration."

"The regime in Cuba has worked it out with a regime in Nicaragua to have Cubans that don't like them, leave the country, go to Nicaragua and from there undertake a journey to the U.S. border, crossing through Central America," Rubio said.

Election integrity has been a key topic following the 2020 election, and Rubio said voters in Florida should feel confident that their vote is secure.

There's been pressure from the Republican Party to audit Florida's 2020 elections — even though former President Donald Trump won the state.

In early October, the Republican Party of Lake County sent a resolution to DeSantis demanding a full audit.

Rubio said he doesn't understand the argument for the audit.

"Generally speaking, Florida's elections are very well run, the results come in in a timely manner," Rubio said. "I don't know what the purpose of the audit would be. By the way, our elections are audited. If someone has a good reason for why it should be audited, we’re always looking for reasons to improve. But I think if you look at the country, Florida should be the least of our concerns when it comes to election security, accuracy and reliability."

The senator added that he's confident the state's 2022 election cycle is secure.

Looking ahead to 2024, Rubio said he would support Donald Trump for another term as president.

"If Donald Trump is going to run for president in 2024, he'll be the Republican nominee," Rubio said. "Of course, I would support him in that. I mean we are a long ways off from that. A lot is going to happen between now and then."

Overall, Rubio said it's too early to tell who will be the Republican nominee for president and said a lot can change between now and 2024.

The senator will be seeking his third term in office in 2022.