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Family of victim seeking answers following deadly hit-and-run crash in Palm Springs

Irvin Scarbeck, 32, was killed on Nov. 19
Posted at 6:20 PM, Nov 23, 2022
and last updated 2022-11-23 18:20:28-05

A family is looking for answers after a deadly hit-and-run crash over the weekend left their relative dead.

They said they are hoping someone in the community knows something about his whereabouts leading up to the crash.

Kamela Scarbeck said her brother, 32-year-old Irvin Scarbeck was struck by a car while walking on 10th Avenue North during the early morning hours in Palm Springs. His death certificate said he died by “blunt force injuries."

“My heart dropped,” said Scarbeck. “That’s just a horrible way to go. Nobody wants to hear that their brother was ran over and left dead in the middle of an intersection.”

Scarbeck said she hadn’t seen her brother since January but talked to him often.

Irvin Scarbeck
Irvin Scarbeck pictured with family.

“We were always really close as siblings. We loved each other so much," she said. "When you met him, you wouldn’t forget that you met him. He impacted everyone that he met.”

However, being in two different states, his family now wants more answers from people in the area.

“We still want to know what happened leading up to it. Where was he the last week? Who was with him? Where are his things?,” she said.

These unanswered questions, leaving the family in the dark right before the holidays.

“Right now, I would love to see my brother and love him and hug him.”