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Creative drive-thru event raised money for cancer screenings

Posted at 10:56 AM, Dec 17, 2020
and last updated 2020-12-17 10:56:32-05

While many non-profit organizations have struggled to push forward with fundraising and assisting the community during the pandemic, the Promise Fund of Florida has gotten creative.

The “Pink Tie Guys” event is typically an elegant and intimate cocktail and dinner party to kick off the season of fundraising. This year, the organization tried something new. Supporters were invited to drive up to the event in their cars, pose for a photo, receive a boxed gourmet dinner and champagne for two, and gift bag with a flash drive containing a virtual presentation.

“We can’t dance and we can’t invite everybody to come in to sit down, but we have the same spirit. Everybody feels very comforted and part of what we’re doing at the Promise Fund and we’re delighted at all of the people,” Brinker said.

More than one hundred supporters pulled through the event at Club Colette on Palm Beach on Wednesday evening.

The organization aims to reduce deaths from late-stage breast cancer and cervical cancer in Palm Beach County.

“It’s really important that we all realize that we own our community. And what happens to all of our neighbors in it. And one of the problems that we’re addressing: breast and cervical cancer detected early, treated early, are virtually curable today. In early stages. And therefore, why should we standby as people who have no healthcare or have no access to our hospitals here because they have a different operating model and they can’t treat everybody. So we have to make sure we do that,” Brinker said.

Despite various challenges posed by the pandemic, the organization has continued its efforts to navigate thousands of women through screenings and battles against cancer.

“It’s been a difficult year for everybody and we’re trying to make the very best of it. We at the Promise Fund are excited about everything we’ve been able to get done. Our screening center opened October 25th, and now we’re working on our continuum of care so that we can care for all of the women in our county who don’t have screening. And or treatment for breast or cervical cancer,” Brinker said.

The Promise Fund helped to unveil a new 3D mammography machine despite the pandemic, getting women the critical care and screenings they need.

A few weeks after the ribbon cutting ceremony, The Promise Fund says 65 patients have been screened and counting.

“It’s finding the right continuum of care, the right navigators, who work with us, who so graciously guide and comfort and lead women to good care. So we’re finding people very understanding, willing to help, And the more we do, the better community we have,” Brinker said.