Best-selling author Brad Meltzer introduces kids to real heroes

Posted at 6:00 PM, Dec 29, 2016

If you look up the word success in the dictionary you might find Brad Meltzer's picture.

Named one of Hollywood's 25 most powerful authors, he has written 12 novels.

He has two television shows, "Lost History" on H2 and "Decoded" on The History Channel.

He's written bestselling non-Fiction books and an award winning series of comic books.

But it's his children’s books he's most proud of.
"These books are my heart in book form,” says Meltzer, “And they're for the most important reason in my life, my kids."

The "I Am" book series introduces children to real heroes such as Amelia Earhart, Abraham Lincoln, Rosa Parks, Albert Einstein, Jackie Robinson and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
"I was tired of my kids looking to reality TV stars and big mouth athletes and thinking that's a hero."

The book about Lucille Ball was written with Brad's daughter in mind.  He wanted to introduce a female entertainment hero who isn't simply known for being pretty and thin.

Meltzer says, "Lucille Ball stands for it's ok to be different and it's fantastic to be different."

Something Brad never could have imagined is how his books would change Halloween. Every year proud parents send in pictures and thank Meltzer for inspiring their children.

Meltzer reads from one letter, "Dear Brad, thanks to your books this is the first year my daughter didn't go as a princess she went as Amelia Earhart. Look at the costumes, Rosa Parks, Lucille Ball.  I love that kids are dressing as someone to really look up to and most just a cartoon character looking to sell us something."

“I Am Jim Henson” comes out Jan. 10.   Brad explains why this book was personal.

“When I was 5 years old on Sesame Street Jim Henson taught me you can use creativity to put goodness in the world. Here I am almost 40 years to the day trying to do that exact thing."

“I Am Jane Goodall” is one of Brad's biggest sellers. It appeals to all those young animal lovers. Ms. Goodall was photographed holding the book written about her which Brad says was an exciting moment.

“Come on, Jane Goodall with my book! I may make that picture into a tattoo I love it so much."

Brad has agreed to write 18 books but says he doesn’t plan to stop there. His goal is write 100 "I Am" books and create a library of real heroes for children.

"I love that for one moment, something we can all agree on, is that there is good in this world. Heroes exist and we need to remind kids they're there."

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