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South Florida restaurants prepare for arctic blast this weekend

'We have gas flame heaters,' restaurant owner says
Posted at 9:59 PM, Jan 28, 2022
and last updated 2022-01-28 23:44:00-05

STUART, Fla. — Restaurants in downtown Stuart are preparing for the arctic blast arriving in South Florida this weekend.

Temperatures could be in the low 30s with highs in the 50s.

For a city that loves its outdoor dining, frigid temperatures could present a challenge.

At The Gafford, owner Rick Wilson said they're having to adapt their outdoor dining situation to meet the challenge.

"So, we have these gas flame heaters. We keep three out here normally," Gafford said. "For the extra cold, we got three more backups. So well put them around. "They'll be able to be at each table."

Wilson said they're even going so far as to double-check reservations.

"In fact, we've been calling them for the last couple of days letting them know here's what the weather is. I'm sure you know already, what do you want to do? About three-quarters of them say they want to stay outside," he said.

One couple in Stuart said the weather isn't a bother when the food is good.

"I do have plans. I'm coming here tomorrow night in the cold. I'm just going to put on another coat," Dennis Walsh said.

In West Palm Beach, heat lamps are also popping up at some popular Clematis Street spots like Lynora's and Grease.

A couple from West Palm Beach also said the weather isn't an issue.

"I'd wear my puffer vest and I would be fine," Krysten Albertini said.