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Palm Beach Surf Forecast, Updated local surf forecast for SE Florida

Surf Forecast: More waves in the forecast!
Posted at 8:53 AM, Oct 09, 2019
and last updated 2023-09-27 17:47:02-04

*Surf forecast for the Palm Beaches and Treasure Coast*

Pretty good swell filled in on Saturday! Just a quick shot but looked really good. I missed it this time, was out of town. Happy for those who scored!


We have a nice prolonged streak of rideable waves coming our way!
Watching a low off Hatteras/Virginia Beach that has a nice fetch with it. This will send down some small NE swell by the end of the week/weekend. That low will then move toward hatteras but another one(or the same will reform) farther offshore and move NE while strengthening, sending another pulse of swell early next week. It will also send a cold front down that will bring some breezy onshore winds for a bit, blowing out a couple days. That low will then weaken and may sink south while dying out. This will keep some swell going and also eventually kill the winds and clean up the end of the surf. *note: Full moon is Friday so expect those extra high spring tides.


THURSDAY: Flat in the morning then a small building NE swell in the afternoon, knee high or so, (more of a log wave but the Low tide in the afternoon will help it break). Wind SE 5-10kts crossing it up a bit but lots of storms around may provide some glass offs.
FRIDAY: Waist+ high NE swell in the morning, building a bit to stomach/chest high in the afternoon. Wind light in the morning turning SSE but staying relatively light. Lots of storms around may provide some glass offs.
SATURDAY: Still some small NE swell in the knee-thigh-waist high range. Some east swell from Philippe mixing in upcoast may bump it up a bit at times. Wind East to ENE 5-10kts making it crumbly.
SUNDAY: Knee/thigh high+. Philippe swell mixing in upcoast. Wind picking up more, NE 10-15kts.
MONDAY: Waist-chest high windchop. Wind NE 10-20kts.
TUESDAY: Picking up a bit(NE mid period energy coming in) Waist-chest high+. A new pulse of longer period swell coming in the afternoon. Wind NE 10-15kts.
WEDNESDAY: NE swell continues, maybe a little bigger. Chest high+. Still onshore winds but dying down some so not as choppy.
THURSDAY: Swell fades some as do the winds. Waist to chest high, lighter winds, and more east so faces shouldn't be too bad.



October's weather pattern is looking very promising for surf so far, at least the first two weeks may stay pretty active on the east coast. Stay tuned!!

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