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Palm Beach Surf Forecast, Updated local surf forecast for SE Florida

and last updated 2020-06-01 00:08:38-04

UPDATED: MAY 31TH, 2020 — Surf forecast for the Palm Beaches and Treasure Coast

Swell looked real fun upcoast on Tuesday as it cleaned up. Went flat now in PBC.

A backdoor front will push down the coast and stall around Miami. This will produce a quick NE fetch and east wind surge that will blow in a quick shot of windchop/swell mix on Tuesday and maybe a bit still on Wednesday.


MONDAY: Flat, building by the end of the day upcoast as NE surge works down. Wind NE 5-15kts.
TUESDAY: Building NE windchop with maybe some underlying swell. Chest high. Wind ENE 20kts. Low tide around noon.
WEDNESDAY: Surf drops some, still should have a knee-waist high wave in the morning though, dropping fast. East to ESE 15kts.
THURSDAY: knee/thigh high windchop. Wind SSE 15kts.
FRIDAY: Knee high windchop. Wins SE 10-15kts.



June is ripe to see some tropical action. And we're starting to see hints of it now. A short lives pacific storm moved inland over the weekend and some leftover energy from it will move into the SW Gulf of Mexico by mid week. The models really want to spin this up mid-late week and bring it north. Too early to tell exactly where. If it's close to us we may see a bump up in southeast windchop, if it's over by Texas we probably won't see much. Still too early to tell as we're talking the weekend or even after.

Hurricane season is forecast to have above normal activity, so hopefully we can get some good swell makers and no landfalls!!


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James Wieland is a Storm Team 5 meteorologist. When he's not working or updating his Web Wave Blog, James can be spotted on a surfboard, riding the waves up and down South Florida's coastline.

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