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Palm Beach Surf Forecast, Updated local surf forecast for SE Florida

Posted: 8:53 AM, Dec 13, 2018
Updated: 2019-07-21 23:48:20-04

UPDATED: JULY 22, 2019 — Surf forecast for the Palm Beaches and Treasure Coast

REWIND: It's been flat flat flat.


Tracking a tropical wave moving through the Bahamas. NHC gives it a 10% chance to develop before getting scooped up by a stalling frontal boundary in northern Florida. There's a small chance it will have enough wind to briefly bump up the windchop Tuesday morning. Probably not much more than knee high and barely rideable but it's been pretty flat for a while now so anything would be helpful if it happens.
After that our winds go offshore and it goes pretty flat for the rest of the week. There is another small chance for a bump up in about a week when a low forms off Jersey and produces some fetch pointed at us. It might not be strong enough to send swell but we'll see how this scenario evolves over the next week.

Monday: less than knee high
Tuesday: possibly knee high windchop in the morning.
Wednesday-Friday: flat and clean with offshore winds.

July is normally a long flat brutal month. August at least starts to ramp up tropical activity which puts some waves at least within driving distance depending on the storms. I'll update again when I see waves in the forecast again.

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James Wieland is a Storm Team 5 meteorologist. When he's not working or updating his Web Wave Blog, James can be spotted on a surfboard, riding the waves up and down South Florida's coastline.

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