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Home video camera shows Martin County tornado picking up trampoline, flinging it into power lines

The mangled trampoline is part of widespread debris Public Works now cleans up in wake of the storm.
Posted at 6:05 PM, Jan 17, 2024
and last updated 2024-01-17 20:11:52-05

STUART, Fla. — Compelling home video camera footage showed the moment an EF0 tornado lifted up a trampoline from a homeowner's yard in Stuart and threw it over a 6-foot fence and into power lines.

"Straight over the door, just flew and wrapped itself around the pole there," Danny Concepcion, the owner of the trampoline, said.
"Probably would have gone higher and further if that wasn’t there."

Concepcion said the powerful tornado also knocked over his fence and his door, when it blew through the neighborhood near Palm Lake Park Monday night.

“That wind is powerful," WPTV's Kate Hussey said.

Danny Concepcion the owner of the trampoline 01172024
Danny Concepcion, the owner of the trampoline, explains how strong the tornado was.

“Yeah, it was it was very strong my kids ran into my living room," Concepcion, who is now in the process of rebuilding, said. “It caught me by surprise, I should have been paying more attention, because that was right by my window.”

His neighbor across the street also began to rebuild. He showed WPTV where the storm ripped off part of his roof, allowing rain to pour through the gaping hole and into his kitchen cabinets.

"Yeah, I had to put a tarp on it," Walt Voltz said. “The water was constant, there was a pretty big sized hole.”

Walt Voltz hole in roof after tornado 01172024.png
Walt Voltz explains how the tornado tore a large hole into his roof.

There is a pretty big sized hole in Irwin Banks' van too.

"The window is gone," Banks said.

Banks, who lives in the North River Shores vicinity, said the wind knocked over his coconut tree and the fruit smashed through his car.

"And the coconut trees are supposed to be good at this," Banks said.

Martin County Public Works Director Jim Gordon 01172024
Martin County Public Works Director Jim Gordon talks about the tree removal process and clean up since the storm.

It's one of several trees Martin County Public Works Director Jim Gordon said crews have responded since the tornado traveled eight miles through the county a few days ago.

"Yeah, we have about a dozen trees that either came down or partially came down," Gordon said.

Gordon said only one of those trees was native to Florida, but said clearing the large trees, like the three massive ficus trees that landed in a yard in North River Shores, isn't easy.

"We had to bring in a contractor to remove those trees, so that work is still ongoing," Gordon said.

Irwin Banks van window blown out tornado 01172024
Irwin Banks' shares how he has some repairs to make to his home and car after the storm.

Gordon also said the county is working to remove other storm debris, particularly those blocking roadways.

Banks said he's working to gather his own debris, including a blown-over fence.

"It's not too bad, it's not a new fence, but I got some work to do today," Banks said. "I was debating whether I was going to pay my homeowners insurance, and I did."

If you see any debris blocking roadways, Gordon asks you to report it, which you can do here.

He also added this storm is a reminder of the importance of trimming trees before storms like this.