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Volunteer recalls her 17 years of service to Red Cross

Clara Correa
Clara Correa
Posted at 5:30 PM, May 15, 2021
and last updated 2021-06-08 14:29:33-04

The Red Cross is known for stepping up when disaster strikes, and volunteers are a major part of the mission.

The Red Cross says it has more than 2,100 volunteers in South Florida. One of those volunteers is Clara Correa. You’ll find Clara wearing a Red Cross pin and making a difference.

For Clara, it all started about 17 years ago. Clara says she responded when WPTV NewsChannel 5 did a call out for volunteers to help the Red Cross after a hurricane.

Meet the faces behind the mission of the Red Cross - Clara Correa Geraci

Clara says she only planned to volunteer for two weeks, but it’s led to nearly two decades. During that time, Clara has done everything from fundraising for the Red Cross to educating families about safety and responding when a disaster strikes in our community.

Clara remembers the impact of helping a woman after a house fire in Delray Beach. “I just asked her, do you want a hug?” Clara said. “She hugged me and we both literally hugged and cried. That’s all she really needed was just a hug.”

Clara’s kind heart and compassion help people facing some of their hardest times.

Siara Campbell, the Regional Communications Director for the Red Cross, describes Clara as one of the most passionate individuals she’s ever had the pleasure of knowing. “She loves the Red Cross so much and has dedicated so much of her time and her energy to this organization,” Campbell said.

Clara is hopeful others will answer the call and become Red Cross volunteers.

“If your heart is tugging at you that you want to help, but you’re not sure - just do it, just do it,” Clara said. “You’re not going to regret. It’s an amazing feeling to help people that not only are you helping them, but you’re also helping yourself.”

If you’re interested in volunteering with the Red Cross, visit