South Florida residents buying firewood, propane ahead of frigid forecast

Temperatures expected to plunge into 20s, 30s
Forecast low temperatures for Jan. 30, 2022
Posted at 4:31 PM, Jan 27, 2022

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. — Computer models continue to predict even colder weather this weekend across South Florida with temperatures in the 20s and 30s Sunday morning.

These temperatures are the coldest the region has experienced since January 2010.

People were soaking up the sun at the beach Thursday ahead of the cold weather.

Carter Ameye is in town visiting with a group of friends.

They flew south to escape the snow and brutal winter back home in Pennsylvania, thawing out Thursday on Palm Beach.

"I've been talking to some of my friends and they're a little angry at us for being in Florida where it's warm," Ameye said.

But the beachgoers better brace for the Arctic air this weekend.

WPTV First Alert meteorologists are tracking some of the coldest temperatures we've seen in years.

At Produce Depot in Loxahatchee Groves, the supply of firewood was empty.

"Within four hours, last four hours of the day, it went to nothing," said Kay Kuncl.

The store has been a staple in Palm Beach County for 30 years. This week customers are stocking up wood and propane before the cold air sweeps over South Florida.

"For some people, that's the only way they heat their motor homes their trailers, what they live in, is the propane," Kuncl said. "They want to be prepared."

The American Red Cross is also preparing by putting volunteers on standby if any cold weather shelters need to be opened in our area.

Tiffany Gonzalez, Red Cross spokeswoman, Jan. 27, 2022
Tiffany Gonzalez said the cold temperatures may prompt the opening of shelters.

"We're working closely with our community partners in terms of deciding if we're going to be opening a cold-weather shelter," Tiffany Gonzalez with the Red Cross said. "They will see if the need arises and if it does we step in and support."

But right now, residents are taking advantage of the warm weather as South Florida prepares for the plunge.

"I think it's just time for everyone else to feel what we feel," Ameye said. "It won't be bad."

Some stores like the Red Barn Feed and Supply in Loxahatchee said they're getting supplies ready like heat lamps and hay to help keep animals warm.

Workers at the store are expecting more customers on Friday and Saturday.