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Future of Wellington: What do you want to see?

Posted at 11:05 PM, Dec 17, 2018
and last updated 2018-12-18 00:54:18-05

WELLINGTON, Fla. — Wellington in its effort to stay relevant, as village leaders would tell you, took input Monday to see how and if the village will develop its waterfront town center. It’s the beginning stages of a 10-year plan. The village has already approved more than $1 million for this fiscal year.

Wellington has options. The village hosted a community meeting with different pictures on display to let the residents see what options would look like if they were built.

“I think it’s great to draw people out and show them the master plan if you will,” said Mark Davidson, who lives in Wellington. “The wish list.”

Possibilities on display for the people to see for themselves and ask questions.

“It’s to keep Wellington relevant and to remain a great hometown,” said Jim Barnes, Assistant Village Manager.

There’s the "yes, please."

“I’m very interested in having a restaurant in the community center,” said Jack Brownson, who lives in Wellington.

“A little tiki bar would be great, a little tapas and wine and beer or something, that would be awesome!” said Bobbi Badgley, who lives in Wellington.

And the no ways.

“I see these large parking structures that I don’t think we need here in Wellington. This is not a city. It’s a village. We want to keep it a village,” said Diane Souder, who lives in Wellington.

“I’m opposed to the performing arts center,” Davidson said. “My concern is even if it’s developed with private money and gifted to the village, we got to maintain it. If I gave you a new Rolls Royce, could you afford to insure and maintain it? Probably not.”

And the people who might be on the move.

“Right now they’re proposing demolishing our building,” said Dermot MacMahon, who’s law office is in the Lake Wellington Professional Center. “But no one seems to answer the question: what’s the cost of all this and what the cost of the rent in the new building?”

All questions that will be answered, as the village understands what its constituents want.

“We’re going to take all that input and based on that input, we’re going to go ahead and make recommendations to council,” Assistant Village Manager Jim Barnes said.

The village will host a similar meeting in January. The date has not yet been selected.

They hope to have the master plan begin to take shape in the springtime.