Andrew Lofholm

Andrew Lofholm



I was born and raised right across the Golden Gate Bridge from San Francisco in a town called Kentfield. After graduating high school, I went to Oglethorpe University in Atlanta (Class of 2011), before landing my first on-air job at the ABC affiliate in Casper, Wyoming. I spent three years there before working for the NBC and Fox affiliate in San Antonio, Texas for a year and a half. I started at WPTV in December, 2016.

The really cool thing about my job is I get to go out and meet different people, from all walks of life, every single day and tell a snippet about it. Every day, my office is the community I live in. I mean, does it get better than that?

I tell stories for you. It’s that simple.

My greatest joy in the world is when I can successfully bring you along for the emotional ride, weaving in and out of different perspectives to tell you accurately how and why something happened.

Some days it’s sad, some days it’s happy. I have an obligation to bring it all to you as best I can.

If you think you have a story to tell, find me on Facebook, Twitter or email, and let me know. I am always willing to listen.

When I’m not reporting, I keep up with the Oakland A’s, Oakland (Las Vegas?) Raiders and Golden State Warriors. I am an Eagle Scout and played college baseball. I hold my school’s record for most career hit-by-pitches (33) as a batter. If you need a warm body for softball, I’m in!