Boaters paying price to enjoy water

'Gas isn't too bad, considering it's just a couple of bucks more,' boater says
Posted at 10:32 PM, Jul 01, 2022
and last updated 2022-07-02 09:22:00-04

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. — Some boat lovers may limit their time out on the water this weekend because of what can feel like a small fortune. Others said this isn't the weekend for them to worry about it.

Friday is Guy Patterson's day to get out on his boat and chill.

"I love being on the water," he said. "It's peaceful, it's like relaxing, and your cares go away."

Yet, it's getting more and more expensive for him. Just to put his boat in the water this Fourth of July weekend is going to cost him.

"So, for a good weekend on the water, boating, expenses, food, drinks, everything, and maintenance, you're looking at probably $400-$500 minimum," he said.

As for John Komaroni, he said ditto to Patterson's love for boating.

"It's just beautiful out there, you kidding?" he said. "The water is clear and you get away from everything. It's a whole different world."

The only way he differs from Patterson is in the cost.

"It's a boat. It's part of it," Komaroni said. "Gas isn't too bad considering it's just a couple of bucks more. Totally doesn't affect my boating."

Patterson said even though it's costing more, he expects people to be out this weekend.

"There will be people out there," he said. "Maybe not as many, but it's still going to be crowded."

Patterson said he'll stay on land Saturday, but come Sunday and Monday, it's all about the boat.