Boca Raton sales center expands workforce by 25% during pandemic

Posted at 5:30 PM, Aug 18, 2020
and last updated 2020-08-18 19:05:14-04

BOCA RATON, Fla. — A Palm Beach County marketing firm is growing rapidly and hired more than 150 staff members in the midst of the pandemic.

Infinity Sales Group (ISG) is a performance marketing and inbound sales center that acquires new customers for the nation’s top telecommunications providers.

The company prides itself on the ability to connect customers in urban and rural communities to the best high-speed internet options available in their area.

As the COVID-19 crisis unfolded, ISG prepared its Boca Raton sales center and headquarters for the abrupt shift to a socially distant work environment.

ISG expanded its workforce quickly to meet the fast-growing demand for high-speed internet options during stay-at-home orders.

“Since the pandemic touched locally in March, we’ve added over 150 employees across our various departments,” said Nicholas Dormans, vice president of sales for ISG. “Many of those [positions] have been on the sales sides of things.”

ISG created a business continuity plan that enabled employees to work from home with a company-issued laptop.

Nurses were hired as full-time staff members to monitor the health and safety of the employees who remained on-site at the Boca Raton headquarters.

In addition to administering daily health checks to staff member reporting to the office, the cleaning staff was double to ensure the facility was properly sanitized.

“We offer dynamic multicultural employment opportunities where one can achieve and advance in accordance with their best efforts,” reads a statement on the ISG website. “ISG prizes performance, and cultivates it with relentless support, guidance, and comprehensive training.”

More than 50 positions are still vacant and need to be filled by the end of August.

“As we’ve seen the demand increase, we’ve ramped our total employee count as well to support the customer demand and partners alike,” said Dormans.

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