Ants infest flight from Italy to New Jersey

Passengers complain of bugs crawling on them
Posted at 5:57 AM, Jun 18, 2019

Passengers on a plane from Venice, Italy, to Newark, New Jersey, complained of ants everywhere on their Monday transatlantic flight.

The ants were initially spotted in first class on the United Airlines flight.

Passengers tweeted about the problem, saying they felt a large number of ants crawling on them, their seats, the windows and even in the luggage compartment!

It turns out the ants spilled out of an overhead bag.

The airline responded with a statement saying, "the ants have been isolated from a customer's bag and the affected areas have been wiped down."

United said the plane was taken out of service for extermination and the proper authorities were notified.

It's unclear if a traveler was transporting the ants on purpose.

Courtesy NBC News Channel