West Palm Beach family stuck in Haiti during violent protest

Posted: 6:34 PM, Jul 09, 2018
Updated: 2018-07-09 22:35:38Z
West Palm Beach family in Haiti amid protest

For Fabienne Bernard, it's a trip she won't forget.

"The trip just started out as a fun thing we just wanted to go out there take pictures and see family and everything," she said. 

But Friday night their family vacation to Port-au-Prince, Haiti took a dark turn.  

"The U.S. Embassy told us to stay in place stay where we are don't go outside and don't take the roads," Bernard recalled.

That's because outside violent protest had erupted on the streets. Locals were upset after the government announced a 50 percent increase in gas prices.

"People there were upset they were putting stones in the road to block it they were burning tires we heard gunshots at night it wasn't fun," she said. 

Bernard says for a couple days they didn't know when they would get off the island. Their flights home were canceled once they were able to leave the hotel they saw chaos. 

Marjorie Charlemagne calls it an eye-opening experience. She says they stayed up for hours to rebook a flight to the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport. She says even after this experience she plans to return to Haiti.

"We just tried to make the best out of our time there," Charlemagne said.