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Port St. Lucie could require circular driveways for new homes on certain streets

Posted at 8:14 AM, Feb 22, 2022
and last updated 2022-02-22 08:14:58-05

PORT ST. LUCIE, Fla. — City leaders in Port St. Lucie want to require larger driveways on busier streets.

If a new ordinance is passed on Feb. 28, the expanded circular driveways would come at the homeowner's expense.

Currently, homes on the list of potentially hazardous streets are only required to have a 10x20 feet turnaround space or a circular driveway.

The new ordinance would require circular driveways and only allow homes to have the 10x20 space if a circular driveway will not fit.

"It's 10x20 for the turnaround space, and that would only be considered if there's not enough room for the driveways, such as a drainage canal would be impacted, the placement of the driveway, a light pole in the area," said Bethany Grubbs, Planner II, City of Port St. Lucie.

Existing homes and homes currently under construction on the list of hazardous streets would not be required to follow the ordinance.

Only new construction homes given permits after and if the ordinance passes would be subject to its laws.

Most streets on the list are wider than two lanes, however, others are known as high traffic areas or are scheduled to be widened in the future.

"As the city grows, the roadways are widening, which are creating potential hazards and so this is a life safety change," said Grubbs.

Below are the list of streets included in the proposed ordinance:

  • Airoso Blvd.
  • Alcantarra Blvd.
  • Bayshore Blvd.
  • Becker Blvd.
  • California Blvd.
  • Cameo Blvd. (North of PSL Blvd.)
  • Cashmere Blvd. (North of Del Rio Blvd.)
  • Darwin Blvd.
  • Del Rio Blvd.
  • Floresta Dr.
  • Gatlin Blvd.
  • Grand Dr.
  • Import Dr.
  • Lakehurst Dr.
  • Lennard Rd.
  • Manville Dr.
  • Melaleuca Blvd.
  • Morningside Blvd.
  • Oakridge Dr.
  • Parr Dr.
  • Port St. Lucie Blvd.
  • Prima Vista Blvd.
  • Rosser Blvd.
  • St. James Dr.
  • Sandia Dr.
  • Savage Blvd.
  • Savona Blvd.
  • Selvitz Rd.
  • Thornhill Dr.
  • Tulip Blvd.