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'An alligator has a woman:' 911 call released after attack that killed Gloria Serge

Neighbor frantically describes what she's seeing to 911 dispatchers
The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission captured an alligator at Spanish Lakes Fairways in St. Lucie County that attacked and killed a resident walking her dog.
Posted at 2:35 PM, Feb 22, 2023

ST. LUCIE COUNTY, Fla. — A panic-stricken woman called 911 as she watched her neighbor being attacked by an alligator that dragged her into the lake behind their St. Lucie County home, killing her.

"The alligator's got her," the terrified caller told a 911 dispatcher during Monday's attack at the Spanish Lakes Fairways community.

St. Lucie County released the 911 call Wednesday, two days after the attack that left Gloria Serge, 85, dead.

"An alligator has a woman," the caller told the dispatcher.

When the 911 dispatcher asked her the size of the gator, she frantically shouted her reply.

"It's a huge gator," she yelled. "It's huge."

The caller said Serge was walking her dog near the lake when she was attacked.

"Is she alive?" the dispatcher asked.

"Yes, she's alive," the caller said. "He pulled her in. He pulled her in the lake."

10-foot-long alligator was captured by trappers after it killed Gloria Serge, 85, of St. Lucie County.
A 10-foot-long alligator was captured by trappers after it killed Gloria Serge, 85, of St. Lucie County on Feb. 20, 2023.

Carol Thomas recalled to WPTV on Tuesday how she unsuccessfully tried to save her neighbor before calling 911.

By that time, though, the gator had already pulled Serge under the water.

"It's too late," Thomas told the dispatcher. "It's too late."

Thomas was soon transferred to another dispatcher who tried to calm her down.

"She's gone," Thomas said. "She's gone."

10-foot alligator loaded onto back of pickup truck after killing Gloria Serge, Feb. 20, 2023
Authorities help load a 10-foot alligator that killed Gloria Serge, 85, onto the bed of a pickup truck, Feb. 20, 2023, at the Spanish Lakes Fairways community in St. Lucie County, Fla.

At one point during the call, Thomas can be heard trying to help Serge's dog.

"I don't know why people walk their little bitty dogs near the lake," Thomas said.

Thomas also revealed to the dispatcher that she had seen the gator "the last couple of days."

Shortly before the call concluded, Thomas interrupted herself to tell the dispatcher that she could see Serge again.

"I see her," she said. "She's floating. I think she's gone."