Forgetting things? Highland Beach man, 83, invents app for that

Burt Firtel has no tech experience
Bob Firtel invents "Don't Forget App"
Posted at 12:19 AM, Jan 10, 2023
and last updated 2023-01-10 08:55:37-05

HIGHLAND BEACH, Fla. — When you live life on the go, it doesn't take too much to forget things.

Fortunately, there's an app for that — available thanks to an 83-year-old man, Burt Firtel, who lives in Highland Beach near Boca Raton.

With no tech or app experience, the first-time inventor decided to create the "Don't Forget" app after he constantly left his phone in the car.

The app allows you to create customized verbal reminders and uses Bluetooth technology to alert you each time you get out of the car.

"Don't forget your baby, don't forget your dog, don't forget your cellphone, and other things you can say, don't forget to pick up your prescription," Firtel said.

He said the app isn't just for common items like your wallet and keys, but it can be used to help save lives.

It is available on all smartphones through app stores.

Firtel said he also is working on a similar service that can be used inside the home.