Study: Smartphone addiction can have long term impact on teens

Posted at 5:43 PM, Nov 30, 2017
and last updated 2017-12-01 12:38:17-05

A new study suggests smartphone addiction is real. Parents on Atlantic Avenue in Delray Beach told WPTV on Thursday their kids can't put down their tablets.

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"It is a strong addiction, so it is a battle," Elizabeth Jacobs said.

In a store filled with toys and games you will find her 9-year-old daughter, Jennifer playing on her tablet.

"A lot of my games are on there and it's pretty important to me," Jennifer told WPTV.

Her mom says the tablet is always by her daughter's side. She says Jennifer has even propped it up while taking a shower.

She's not the only kid with a phone or tablet attached to her fingertips. A new study released, Thursday by a group of scientists from around the world say teenagers fixated on their smartphones may experience changes in their brain chemistry.

The study says smartphone addiction may impact behavior and mood regulation.

Eric Ostini, a parent visiting Delray Beach, for the holidays says he's chosen to embrace his child's tablet habits.

"We can limit the apps he uses by saying okay you have to read 30 minutes before we will unlock the game side of it," Ostini said.

His son doesn't seem to mind as long as he gets some access to the web.

"It allows me to go to different cultures like China without having to buy a ticket and go there." Ostini's 10-year-old son said.