WPTV political analyst comments on Gov. Scott running for Senate

Posted at 5:59 PM, Apr 09, 2018

Governor Rick Scott is facing off against Senator Bill Nelson for the Senate seat and Scott has positioned himself for this run for Senate during his second term as governor.

"They’re going to be taking the pulse of the Florida voters and they’re going to be reacting as they need to to win over the Florida voters," WPTV Political Analyst Brian Crowley said.

Governor Scott started reaching out to independents and democrats months ago through policy while working as governor.

"His focus is usually only on the economy and the periphery around the economy," Crowley said. "Everything else has tended to be a decision he’s made based on the politics at the moment. So when you look at things like the environment or even the shooting in Parkland, these were not things he talked about when he first got elected. These were reactions to the reality of the political environment as a result of these issues."

The most recent example of Governor Scott crossing the aisle was when he signed the school safety bill that included gun control measures, against the NRA's wishes.

"The legislation that Rick Scott signed changing the ability to buy guns from 18 to 21 was significant change for Rick Scott who is very pro NRA," Crowley said. "The NRA has loved Rick Scott."

Scott also appealed more to environmentalists.

"He’s moved closer to the position of the environmentalists who want to protect the Everglades and improve the Everglades," Crowley said. "He responded immediately to the algae blooms that were going through St. Lucie and Martin County."

Despite his push for some gun control, Scott says he will always be a card carrying member of the NRA.

Many young voters, especially from Parkland, are against voting for NRA funded candidates and promise to pack the polls. Crowley believes the way young people can push their movement will to find a way to influence older voters.