Historic Florida Powerball winner to be revealed

Posted at 11:49 PM, Feb 16, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-17 07:17:19-05

The wait to learn who won last month’s record breaking Powerball will soon be over.

On Wednesday, the person who purchased the winning ticket at a Publix in Melbourne Beach is expected to claim their reward in Tallahassee.

Florida Lottery is expected to reveal the identity of the Florida Powerball winner and present their prize, valued at more than $500 million.

The winner is splitting the $1.58 billion jackpot with two other winners in Tennessee and California.

Melbourne Beach resident, Lillian Belmont, says she’d ready for the end to the rumors and speculation over whether the winner is local, or someone visiting the area.

Belmont hopes it may be someone she knows.

“It’s possible because it’s a small neighborhood. It’s a small town, so everybody knows everybody. So, it's possible I could know the person. All I know is I hope its a very good friend and they share!” Belmont laughed.

The Tennessee winners have come forward to claim their prize. The California winner is still unknown.