VIDEO: Trooper hit by driver who violated Florida's 'Move Over' law

Posted at 1:30 PM, Oct 25, 2019
and last updated 2019-10-25 13:38:31-04

PINELLAS COUNTY, Fla. — A Florida Highway Patrol trooper is recovering after a Royal Palm Beach woman slammed into his vehicle while violating Florida's 'Move Over' law, authorities say.

Video from Corporal Justin Bloom's SUV shows 75-year-old Janet Rankin, driving a PT Cruiser, sideswiping him on U.S. 19 in Pinellas County around 9 p.m. on Thursday.

Corporal Bloom was in the left lane with his emergency lights and blinkers activated, according to FHP.


VIDEO: Trooper hit by driver who violated Florida's Move Over law

FHP said Rankin failed to move over for Corporal Bloom's SUV, as is required by law, and crashed into his vehicle.

Rankin eventually stopped and was ticketed for violating Florida's 'Move Over' law.

Troopers said both Corporal Bloom and Rankin suffered minor injuries.

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Under the law, you must move over one lane, when safe, for stopped law enforcement, emergency crews, sanitation vehicles, utility service vehicles, and tow trucks or wreckers.

If you can't move over or are driving on a two-lane road, you should slow down at least 20 mph below the posted speed limit.

If ticketed, you could face a fine or points on your license.