Victims of Pulse Nightclub shooting 'disappointed' following arson at Islamic Center of Fort Pierce

Fire happened on 3-month anniversary of shooting
Posted at 12:23 AM, Sep 13, 2016

On the three-month anniversary of the Pulse Nightclub shooting, someone set fire to the Islamic Center of Fort Pierce.

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The arson has not been tied to fallout from the deadly Orlando massacre, but some in the Orlando community are already voicing their support for the mosque.

The Orlando shooter, Omar Mateen, worshipped at the mosque.

On Monday, the Pulse of Orlando organization held a fundraiser to continue supporting the families of the people killed in the shooting, and those who survived.

“It seems like just yesterday,” said Brandon Parsons. He flew to Orlando from Pennsylvania to perform his song, ’49 times’, for the vigil and fundraiser. His song went viral on YouTube.

“I felt like I wanted to do something more, something that was coming from me,” Parsons explained.

In the three months since the shooting, thousands of people have found their own ways to show support. People have donated money, done their part to raise money and started foundations.

“We have so much hate that has turned into love recently from our tragedy,” said Pulse Nightclub Manager, Neema Bahrain.

Seeing how much good has followed the shooting, it’s disappointing to people like Bahrain to hear of the possible hate crime in Fort Pierce.

“I don’t understand why people have so much hate in their heart. We have to always keep pushing forward to educate people that it’s love. We need to love regardless of who we are,” Bahrain said.

There’s no excuse for any kind of hate of any religion,” said Jen Vargas, a guest at the Pulse of Orlando shooting.

Bahrain said he would be willing to send his support to Fort Pierce if needed to keep promoting acceptance.

Dozens of people also stopped by Pulse Nightclub Monday to pay tribute to the victims at a memorial outside the nightclub.

Orlando Torres was a survivor of the shooting.

He also voiced his concern that someone targeted the Islamic Center of Fort Pierce.

“They’re innocent people. Like the 49  [killed] and the 53 [injured], which I'm one of the 53. We’re innocent. Why for somebody’s wrong doing the innocent has to pay for it?” said Torres.