Thousands of FLL passengers shuttled to Port Everglades to get safe ride from airport

Posted at 12:20 AM, Jan 07, 2017
and last updated 2017-01-07 00:28:56-05

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. -- Thousands of people were shuttled from Fort Lauderdale International Airport Friday evening to Port Everglades following a shooting at the airport.

Police on scene said the people being shuttled from the airport were being taken from the terminals. They were mainly people who did not have a car at the airport, and needed to be picked up by family and friends.

People could be seen pouring off the full buses to a crowd of people waiting to pick them up.

The Red Cross was also at Port Everglades giving people water. Some people said they had not had anything to eat or drink all day.

People waited for hours at the airport to leave.

Some people who did not get on shuttles walked off airport property.

Josh Thomas was one of those people. He said he was inside when people were panicking following rumors of a possible second shooter.

“I’m in terminal one, and everyone starts screaming, running all over the place, crying, hiding. So you know, I do the same thing.”

Josh took cell phone video of people hiding behind suitcases. Others ran for the doors, including Mary Rademachir.

“Somebody else yelled, they’ve got a gun! They’ve got a gun! A couple people just shoot out the door, but me and about 30 other people get on the ground, I barricaded myself behind these huge travel bags,” Rademachir said.

It could be days before Rademachir gets home to Cleveland, and Thomas to Memphis.

At a nearby Walgreens, some people who could not retrieve their luggage from the airport were buying new toiletries. They also said they would be paying for their hotel bills, which they said their airline nor the airport at this point will be paying for.