Supporters gather at Orlando memorials to pay respect to Pulse shooting victims

Posted at 7:38 PM, Jun 16, 2016

People from all over are gathering at memorials around Orlando to read the messages for victims and their families, to see the pictures of those who lost their lives at Pulse Nightclub. 

"It's really sad. I'm supporting them. I'm supporting all of them," said Carmen Garcia who said she heard about the memorials and had to come see them for herself.

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Garcia stood speechless in front of a memorial stretching across the lawn at Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts Downtown where the city had a massive vigil on Monday.

"This is really, really so unbelievable. I pray for all of the families," added Garcia.

Pictures of young faces with bright eyes and a lifetime ahead lie across the memorial. The majority of the 49 victims were in their 20s, having a fun Latino night at Pulse Nightclub.

Zoraida Sanchez panicked when she heard there was a shooting. The gay club is a popular hangout for her grandson and his friends.

"My husband and I went to the hospital to check, I called and called my grandson and my daughter and they wouldn't answer," said Sanchez in Spanish.

Thankfully her grandson was okay, but she was heartbroken to learn one of his friends, 24-year-old Jonathan Antonio Camuy Vegas passed away.

"My grandson is depressed. He still comes home crying," she said in Spanish.

The healing process has begun. Garcia says it helps to have the President's support.

"It's Obama. It's Obama, that's him. I knew inside my heart, I knew he was going to come," she said.