Stimulus checks are arriving for some

Posted at 6:16 PM, Apr 15, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-15 18:16:41-04

Stimulus money from the federal government started arriving in bank accounts offering some financial relief during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I’ve heard from a number of people who have gotten a deposit today, they’re very happy,” said Congresswoman Lois Frankel of West Palm Beach.

“If the IRS does not have your bank information it will take longer it may take weeks and weeks and weeks,” Frankel says.

The IRS does offer a chance on their website to check eligibility and enter bank information.

There were also some who seem to fall through the cracks on the payments.“I’m not angry but I’m frustrated yes very frustrated,” says Theresa Brady of Delray Beach.

Brady was laid off from her in December but her 2019 earnings reported the IRS exceeded the limit on receiving a stimulus payment.

“That’s one of those places that when we go to work and say that’s something that needs to be altered here in order to go out there and help other people,” says Congressman Brian Mast of Stuart.

Mast says Congress isn’t due to return until May to work on a new stimulus package, but he’d like to go back sooner.

In Port St. Lucie, Irene Linton says her deceased mother received a direct deposit payment of $1,200.

“I guess they’re not checking to see who is dead or alive,” Linton says. She adds she does plan to send the money back.

“I guess I’ll give a break to our treasury secretary who is trying to get these benefits out as quickly as possible,” Frankel says.